Kärntner Saatbau e. Gen. is a plant breeding, seed reproducing and trading cooperative company located in 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria. Kärntner Saatbau was founded in 1955, in cooperation with the Carinthian camber of agriculture and more than 120 farmers, all located in the region of Carinthia.

Kärntner Saatbau is specialised in reproducing seeds for the agricultural business, but we are also producing seeds for the landscape usage and for the house garden lawn.

Kärntner Saatbau produces more or less all agricultural seeds, like winter- and summer cereals seeds (winterwheat, winterbarly, wintertriticale, and so on), soybeans, proteinic peas, canola, potatoes and maize. More than 30 % of all our seeds will be produce as organic seeds.

Kärntner Saatbau has also a long lasting experience in producing seeds for the alpine regions and the extensive nature meadows. We reproduce lots of different alpine grasses and legumes, we reproduce regional wildflowers und plants.

Kärntner Saatbau has a very good collaboration with all Austrian plant breeders and also with the most important breeders in Europe. In our own research and development center and in our experimental plant trials we are testing a lot of new and current varieties, to have the guarantee to choose the best varieties for our farmers, in Austria and Italy.